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To deliver excellence while expanding our awareness of the importance to eat well, to live well, while creating opportunity and wealth for all concerned and connecting us with natural resources.


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Our Venues

Di Rita’s opened Di Rita’s Italian cuisine in July 2016 and we have been working hard on Di Rita’s Farm growing for our future. Di Rita’s Pizzeria & Deli opened April 2019 and the idea behind this being that you can have a clean take away without feeling guilty. 

Di Rita’s Italian Pizzeria & Deli

Mon – Sat: 09.00am – 15.00pm
Mon – Thu: 16.00pm – 21.00pm
Fri – Sat: 16.00pm – 21.30pm 

Pizzeria Delivery between
5.00pm – 10.00pm

8 Merryland, St Ives
Cambridgeshire PE27 5ED

Di Rita’s Italian Cuisine

We are reopening on May 17th and taking bookings NOW

21 Bridge Street, St Ives 
Cambridgeshire PE27 5EH

More than a business

Di Rita’s is a project with a vision. We are passionate and honest in our vision to raise the bar and set new standards. We believe everyone has the ability to grow and develop into the greatest version of themselves, we take great pleasure in supporting people through the creation of opportunity, training and friendship.

The right foods

Consuming the right foods is also key in our development. Food is fuel and medicine for our bodies and understanding the pro’s and con’s of what we eat is vital in our natural quest to live a life of longevity and wealth. Connecting ourselves with the natural resources available to us from our land can provide a new future of health and happiness.

Sourdough Pizzas




We support farm to fork cuisine reducing the need the check the ingredients, if it fell from a tree or sprouted from the ground…then we want it on our plate, sowed and reaped with our own hands from local soil is our truest belief while supporting other local businesses in the process. We will continue to work hard on Di Rita’s Farm developing the future.

June 2020

Di Rita’s Italian Cuisine

Di Rita’s opened Di Rita’s Italian cuisine in July 2016 (now approaching 4 years). It was with such heartbreak that we had to close the restaurant recently due to Covid19- one could say it was like our hearts and been ripped out! – however we all had to do the right thing. We have been working hard on Di Rita’s Farm growing for our future.

June 2020

Restaurant Reopening

We opened our restaurant doors on Saturday 4 July to once again light up Bridge Street. That was a special day for us as it marked our four year anniversary of being in business! An emotional night I am sure! Chef Luigi, Chef Andrew, Chef Hannah are excited to be back! We will be opening Wednesday to Saturday lunch and dinner going forward.

June 2020

Di Rita’s Pizzeria & Deli

Di Rita’s Pizzeria & Deli opened April 2019- (the idea behind this was that you can have a clean take away without feeling guilty. The concept behind the pizzeria was fuelled by Andrew Di Rita who visited a supermarket and whilst researching happened to pick up a pizza box…turned over to read the ingredients and it had 28 ingredients in that pizza. Some of which didn’t even relate to food. You have to think what are we putting in our bodies!  Pizza is a simple recipe and the dough should be left untouched without chemicals or preservatives which in time effect our bodies. We make fresh daily slow rising sourdough. We do not have a freezer on the premises so it is as fresh as it comes and once the dough has run really has run out for the evening as we cannot pull another tray out from a freezer as back up. We believe in only fresh.

The deli & pizzeria have stayed open all the way through lockdown. Delivering to customers in isolation. Before lockdown we were never set up for delivery so we had to organise this fast. We have been delivering throughout the day delicious bakery and deli items, afternoon teas, trays of lasagne to name a few and of course delivery of our pizzas in the evening. We are proud that we have been able to give you a little bit of normality. We have made sure we deliver on time for birthday celebrations. Customers who were meant to be in Italy this year…we have created an Italian day for them which of course consisted of our exclusive Italian wines


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